Ultimate Project Marketing Q1 2021

Ultimate Project Marketing Program

Q1 2021

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Why Ultimate Project Marketing?

100% Done-for-you Campaign

You only need to sign up. No need to lift a single finger, as our inhouse project specialists do all the work for you – project research, copywriting, campaign setup, marketing, etc.

Focused on New Launches

Unlike other portals and platforms, we focus only on marketing new projects and we know them really well. That’s why our clients get results from our campaigns.

Limited to 1 Agent Per Project

We limit ourselves to serving 1 agent per project, unlike other portals that have 100s of agents listing the same project. Why? So that we can maximise each agent’s chances of closing and get real results for every agent that signs up.

How It Works

Start Getting Buyer Leads in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1.

Choose the project you want to get buyers for.

Step 2.

Sit back, and start receiving buyer leads for your project!

Step 3.

Serve those buyers and close them!

Our First-in-Industry System Gives You An Added Advantage

We have developed a unique, proprietary system with: 

Advanced audience targeting that gets you the right buyers

Instant lead notification by SMS & email so you get to the leads ahead of other agents

Instant auto-reply to keep leads warm

“Previously I was already doing my Facebook ads but didn’t get much result. PropertyAsiaDirect helped me with a Facebook ad campaign for a residential project called The Jovell. I had specific requirements for my audiences and PropertyAsiaDirect readily helped me with those. I got quite a few leads after one month. Even though I didn’t close any unit at Jovell, I did manage to swing and close 2 buyers at other projects. I definitely recommend PropertyAsiaDirect as they are good at generating quality leads.”
Belinda Zhao

Associate Senior Marketing Manager, Propnex

Is This For Me?

This package is for you if you are…

A CEA-registered salesperson marketing a specific project

Targeting new launch buyers within mostly $700K – $2M range

Able to commit for a marketing period of at least 1 month

What the Package Includes

Everything You Need to Close More Project Deals

Featured agent on PropertyAsiaDirect (worth $3,000)

Facebook ad campaign setup (worth $1,000)

Campaign research, copy & design (worth $700)

Ad management (worth $3,000)

INCLUDES: Facebook ad spend (worth $1,500)

Real-time SMS & email notifications (worth $50)

Total Value of Package: $9,250

Normal Price: $2,490/mo

Today’s Price: Only $1,290/mo

“PropertyAsiaDirect would do everything for us to get the leads, and we just needed to take the leads and follow up from there. We got more than 50 leads in a couple of months’ time. There were quite a few serious enquiries and viewings, and eventually we closed 3 of them. I strongly recommend PropertyAsiaDirect – they are competent at what they do, and make it easy for us…”
Brandon Lim

Associate Branch Manager, Propnex

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your questions should be answered below. If you have any other question not answered here, please email us: [email protected]

Who is this program for?
For property agents in Singapore who are marketing new launches or developer sales projects. These can be future launches or existing projects.

What projects are available?
To see the updated list of available projects, please click on the Sign Up link above. If there’s a project you want but it’s not in the list, please email us at [email protected]

When does my campaign start?
Your campaign usually starts about 3 working days from your sign up date. You should be ready to start receiving leads.

What contact details do I get for each lead?
You get the following information for each lead: Name, email and phone number. Additionally, you may also get optional information like preferred unit type or a message from the lead.

Is this just a Facebook campaign?
Facebook is a big part of this campaign, but it’s not just Facebook alone. We also have organic leads from Google and other search engines, as well as other social media platforms.

Are Facebook ad credits included?
Yes, Facebook ad credits are included in the package.

Do I need a Facebook or Google ad manager?
No you don’t. We take care of everything on our side. So that the campaign can launch quickly and efficiently for you.

Is there a minimum commitment period?
The minimum commitment period is just for the one month you paid. Beyond that, you may choose to renew or stop your subscription at any time.

Why is there a range for the number of leads expected?
This range gives you a rough idea of how many leads you should expect to get. For the lead guarantee, refer to the smaller number as the minimum number of leads guaranteed. We have a small buffer for any leads that may be invalid.

What is counted as a valid or invalid lead?
All leads are passed through directly from Facebook ads to you. As Facebook is an open platform, we cannot control who signs up. Therefore we count all leads as valid EXCEPT in these cases:

– Competitor agent number (as verified in CEA register)
– Invalid tone (i.e. no such number exists)
– Wrong number (i.e. person on the line says he/she did NOT sign up)

In all other cases, even if the lead does not respond (which is usually due to slow or poor follow-up), the lead counts. To count a lead as invalid, you need to inform us within 24 hours of getting the lead.

Are the leads unique to me?
All leads are UNIQUE to your campaign and are never shared among agents. On Facebook, we try our best to NOT show the ad to leads that have already signed up. However, this is NOT 100% foolproof, and it is possible that a lead signs up on multiple platforms.

How are the leads treated in terms of privacy policy?
We treat the privacy of your leads with the utmost importance and priority. At NO point do we share your leads with other agents, NOR do we EVER contact your leads (except in certain campaigns where they receive an acknowledgement SMS). Sensitive information may be stored in a secured server up to 30 days after your campaign ends, for backup and safekeeping purposes, after which they will be destroyed. All contact information is treated in strict accordance with PDPA regulations.

What do I need to get started? Do I need to provide you with any write up or photos or the project?
All you need to do is to sign up! We will take care of everything else. You will get more information on your campaign right after signing up.

Is there any qualifying criteria for the program?
To be accepted into the program, you must be a CEA registered real estate salesperson.

Can I get my entire team onboard?
Yes you can! We can customise a plan for your team and can even dispatch leads on a rotational basis. Drop us an email at [email protected]

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