8 Tips on How to Choose a Condo Unit in Singapore


The internet is filled with various tips and tricks on how to buy a condominium in Singapore. But what about selecting the best flat type for you and your family? Are there tips on choosing a condo unit in Singapore? What are the factors that needs to be considered? Should you go 1 bedroom or studio? How about the view, floor number and space layout?

It is really challenging if not totally confusing on how to choose a condo unit in Singapore. With tons of options available and various layouts to decide on, selecting the best flat type that matches your needs is definitely no easy. To make this highly demanding task fuss-free, check out these tips below.

how to choose a condo unit in Singapore

8 Tips Choosing a Condo in Singapore

1. Choose the right condo unit type

Depending on the project developer and prestige of the property, the developer may offer various types of condo units. From studio flats, 1-5 bedroom suites, and luxurious penthouses; there’s a condo unit type that will surely fancy your desires.

  • A) Studio units – these flats are small and often recommended for bachelors and young couples starting out. There’s no room on studio units but mini partitions can be fitted.
  • B) Bedroom units – they may range from 1 bedroom up to 5 bedroom suites which is perfect for small families and multi-generation household who wants to live together.
  • C) Loft – for those looking for a modern-type condo unit, loft flats are extremely popular right now due to their contemporary design and high ceiling façade.
  • D) Penthouse – dubbed as the ultimate abode of modern living, penthouses are stand-alone units located on top most floors. They have a dedicated service elevator and space area are comparable to those of landed properties.
  • E) Dual key – unique to Singapore, a dual key condominium unit is a two self-contained living spaces with two separate entrances. 2 BR + 1 Studio up to 4BR + 1 Studio are the usual configurations of dual key flats.

2. Consider the view

Continuing on these tips choosing condo unit, the scenery of your flat reflects the beauty of the region or community. Most condominiums offer a breathtaking view in front of a river, water park, green reserve, or even city skyline. If you want to enjoy these amazing views while sipping your morning coffee or tea at night, choosing a flat with a fantastic view is indeed incomparable. Although, better be warned that a great view can significantly increase the purchase price of the unit.

3. Convenience and accessibility

All condominiums are equipped with service elevators for tenants. But the question is, how many elevators are there in the building? You don’t want to queue in line during early morning rush and late in the afternoon when everybody is going home from the office. Make sure that there is a balance between the number of elevators present in the building and overall population of tenants living in the condominium. If convenience and accessibility bugs you out, opt to choose a unit on the first three floors so you could use the stairs instead of the elevator.

4. Check the unit and building security

Security is deemed to be very important especially on condominiums where everybody can easily get in and out. How to choose a condo unit in Singapore that is safe and secured is pretty much easy, all you need to do is to check the security features being offered by the developer. Make sure that there is a 24/7 lobby guard, roving guards, surveillance cameras, gated facilities, individual unit locking system, alarms, etc. Also, check the rules and regulations of the condo regarding guests and non-tenant visitors. Bear in mind that most criminals would normally attack units on the lower floors so getting a flat on higher floors is indeed a safe and clever move.

how to choose a condo unit in Singapore

5. The evacuation plan matters

Another tip on how to choose a condo unit in Singapore is to check the evacuation plan of the building. Those residing on higher floors will most likely have a hard time getting out of the building when natural calamities strike. When selecting a condo unit, always check the safety and evacuation measures of the building. Assess the accuracy of their evacuation plan specifically during fire, earthquake, bomb scare, and other emergencies. On this specific scenario, lower floor units are safer than those on higher floors.

6. Condo features and amenities

There are many tips choosing condo unit and one of them includes examining the amenities and unique features of the property. Amenities are the things present inside your home such as appliances, shelving, air-condition, oven, microwave, dryer, cable, internet, etc. This can also include unique services such as concierge, on-call massage, 24/7 food delivery, top of the line modern appliances and many more. Not every condo unit offers the same level of amenities, it is wise to review them first so you could compare features. Example would be exclusive services for penthouse owners that 4BR tenants won’t be able to avail.

7. Allotted parking space

Condominiums do have on-site parking areas dedicated for vehicles. It can be floors underneath the building or a separate block that is adjacent to the structure. Most of the time, each flat is assigned a certain number of allotted parking space based on the number of bedrooms present in the unit. Depending on the developer, parking slots can either come free with unit purchase or paid on a monthly basis. When choosing a condo unit in Singapore, always consider the parking space allotment. Even if you don’t own a vehicle, your guests with cars may benefit from this feature.

8. The unit floor plan is extremely crucial

Last on these tips choosing a condo in Singapore, keep in mind that the unit’s floor plan is one major aspect you shouldn’t ignore. Depending on how it’s made, the allocated space for each area varies. Some allocate huge area on shared spaces such as living room or kitchen while others prioritize private spaces like bedroom or bathroom. Choose a condo unit with an open or flexible floor plan because it provides maximum square footage without sacrificing privacy. Although condo units are known to be limited in terms of square footage, flats with flexible floor plan utilize every inch of space available to ensure no area is wasted.

how to choose a condo unit in Singapore

How to choose a condo unit in Singapore might be tricky but with the above tips and tricks, finding your ultimate dream home is now made simpler. To avoid confusion and to make things less complicated, always choose a condo unit that goes along with your needs and lifestyle. You should equally consider the people who would be living with you such as your kids, partner, parents, friends or even relatives.

If you together with the group doesn’t agree on which condo unit type to avail, learn how to make sacrifices and master the art of trade off. Using the allotted parking space is more practical in exchange of getting the room fronting a nice view. Acquiring a dual key condo unit is likewise cost efficient than buying two separate 1BR suites.


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