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As most of our packages are priced in the thousands of dollars onwards, look forward to huge attractive payouts whenever you refer clients to us.

Think Win-Win

We try to give your referred clients a discounted price too, so everyone benefits.

Store Credit Option

If you are an agent, you could either receive your commissions in cash or convert them into store credit, which you could spend on anything on our store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the commission rate?

Currently our commission rate is set at 10% for all lead generation products that we sell to agents (subject to change). For example, if an agent signs up for a plan that costs $5,000, you will receive $500 as commission.

How does the affiliate/referral program work?

Once you sign up and get approved as an affiliate, you will get your unique links. Whenever an agent sign up for one of our packages using your link, you get paid a percentage of their fees!

How long does the cookie last?

Each cookie lasts a duration of 30 days. In other words, as long as the client signs up within 30 days of using your link, you get paid.

What if the client asks for a refund?

We have a refund policy for many of our plans, but so far, no client has requested for a refund – as we always deliver what we promise. But in the unlikely event of a refund, your commission will also be void. However, if the refund takes place after the commission is paid out (30+ days after the sale), we will NOT ask to claw back your commission.

What does PropertyAsiaDirect sell and who are our clients?

We sell mainly lead generation products for real estate agents.

How do you track the referral for each sale?

When an agent visits our site using your unique link, we place a cookie on his browser that registers you as the referral. If the agent signs up within 30 days, you get paid!

When and how do I get the payout?

We make each payout at least 30 days after the sale is made. Our payouts are processed on the 10th of each month. You may receive the payout either via PayPal or bank transfer. The currency is only SGD as of now.

How do I promote your programs?

After you sign up, we will work closely with you to promote our programs. Some of the ways our affiliates have promoted our programs are as follows:

  • Blog posts or website
  • Social media – Facebook, Facebook groups, Instagram
  • Emails
  • Whatsapp
  • etc.

We advise against hard selling and spamming, and would prefer that our affiliate links are assimilated into content that agents find valuable.

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