For many of us who had been a ‘clubber’ or club-goer in our younger days, we would be very familiar with Jiak Kim Street – the place of legendary nights and potential the venue for “How I Met Your Mother” for some parents.

Jiak Kim street was home to the popular night club, Zouk, for over 25 years. The night club has since shifted its venue to Clarke Quay since December 2016.

Zouk Land Parcel Triggered For Sales

On September 29th 2017, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced that it has accepted an application from a developer to put up the former Zouk site for sale by public tender. The developer has committed to bid a minimum price of $689,353,000 for the Jiak Kim plot that includes three conserved warehouses that were built in the early 1900s. With a maximum permissible gross floor area of about 551,478 sq ft, the site could potentially yield 525 housing units. The first floor would would be a commercial level.

Amidst the aggressive land bids and en-bloc sales going on right now in the property market, the Zouk land parcel is expected to receive record-breaking bids due to its location and the nostalgia to many Singaporeans.

What do you think it will be named? Zouk Residence? Phuture Residences? Velvet Residences?

The tender will be opened in about two weeks’ time.

Update: The new condo is called Rivière. See more new condos for sale or read the latest property news in Singapore.