Searching for the cheapest and best pest control companies for your home?

Look no further!

We have compiled a 100% updated list of the top pest control companies just for you!


1. Greencare Pest Control


Leading the pack is Greencare Pest Control – Singapores top pest control company. is no stranger to pest control in Singapore, with 30 years of collective experience.


2. Origin Exterminators

With solid experience of more than 30 years, continuous innovation and development, Origin Exterminators is dedicated to environmentally-friendly pest control services. They have a solution to whatever kind of pests are bothering you. They have experienced pest control professionals for both residential and commercial projects.


3. Rentokil


Rentokil was founded in the UK and Singapore in 1964 and now it is globally known in more than 60 different countries as a multi-awarded pest control company.
They have highly trained professionals that know how to eliminate pests effectively while keeping their customers safe.


4. Ikari Pest Management

Ikari Services have over 40 years of experience in dealing with pests using their low toxic method to ensure safety for your kids and pets.

Ikari is one of the most high-rated pest control companies. Their customers love their efficient service. They even make follow-up checks to ensure pests are no longer bugging you!


5. Anticimex Pest Management


Anticimex is a worldwide known pest control company that uses technology and chemical-free solution. They specialize not just in pest control but also in prevention as they aim to lessen health risks and prioritize safety.