THAILAND – In Asia, there is a continuous demand of affordable yet decent housing. Specially in countries that has been hit by economic crisis, finding the perfect home is only possible if you have tons of money to burn. But what if you don’t have the resources to buy or even rent yourself a decent home? Most probably, you’ll end up squatting on dark alleys and abandoned places.

In Thailand, this is very much apparent with unfinished high-rise buildings frequently occupied by temporary settlers. Due to lack of financial funds, these dark and grimy abandoned towers serves to be their only shelter. Worst part is, they don’t even have proper house structures to support daily living.

But with the newest project of All(zone), a Bangkok-based architecture firm, things could change forever. This small and mobile home in Bangkok doesn’t have all the glitz and glam of a perfect house but it’s definitely making a huge attention! Honestly, this is quite surprising!

Measuring 11.5 square meters, this mobile home in Bangkok, called the “Light House”, is intended to be set-up inside high-rise abandoned buildings.

The home’s frame is crafted from PE-coated metal grid that doubles as shelving. The walls on the other hand is made from several layers of nylon net & fabric.

Costing to $1,200 per unit, this home can be quickly assembled while dismantling the whole abode will only take a matter of hours. As a result, it is flexible & can be transported to any location.

It might not be spacious but this mobile home in Bangkok is almost complete featuring a main live-work room, changing room with closet, and a cozy sleeping area.Mobile home in Bangkok 4

Since it is inspired by vernacular houses, the Light House is perfect for tropical countries like Thailand because it allows light and air to pass freely.

According to the firm, this home could lead to new types of housing with less rigid materiality & energy. One that can be assembled & reassembled easily.

To test this mobile home in Bangkok, two prototypes were built within a vacant parking garage in the city.

Two young designers lived inside for several days to see how it actually works.

With the development of Light House, we hope to see more decent yet affordable homes in the near future. Hence we can bid goodbye to shabby houses & unsafe abodes made from dilapidated materials.

Isn’t this mobile home in Bangkok truly wonderful and amazing? Seems like this will define the future of mobile living! With its affordable price tag is a house you can literally carry with you wherever you go! What do you think about this small and mobile home in Bangkok?

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