When we think of shopping malls, what comes to our mind is a huge retail space full of merchandise and dull decors. But this is not the case with Siam Discovery – a 5-storey shopping complex in the heart of Bangkok. But what makes this large scale retail complex measuring 40,000 square meters different from the others? And why it is making prices of properties in the area exuberantly high?

Redesigned by Nendo, a famous Japanese Architecture Firm, Chief Designer Oki Sato turned this 18-year-old shopping center into a stunning wonderland. Full of geometric shapes, light-filled atriums, exceptional themed spaces, posh fixtures and modern structures – what you’re about to see will definitely make you want to live near Siam Discovery!

On the outside it looks magnificently beautiful with its box motif design featuring a double-skin glass façade that acts as a protection from the heat of the sun.Siam Discovery 1

But wait till you see the inside of Siam Discovery! This hybrid shopping mall has 13 individually designed themed spaces that are marvelously jaw-dropping!Siam Discovery 2

Rather than presenting merchandise traditionally by brand, they decided to organize it by creating a theme. Called “Lifestyle Laboratory”, it features 13 different locations around the sales floor with individually created motifs. Some of the themes included is the test-tube room, DNA room, microscopes and amoeba, smoke and bubbles, molecular structures and many more.

According to Sato, the Siam Discovery is all about experience, inspiration and chemical reaction.Siam Discovery 3

Just like the Men’s Fashion Zone equipped with 20 different furniture and scientifically-inspired display pedestals.Siam Discovery 4

The Ladies Fashion Area on the other hand features flask and lab equipment. Shoe displays are inspired by double-helix DNA molecules.Siam Discovery 5

And who can resist buying electronics on the Street Lab with huge microscope-shaped displays and integrated modern lighting.Siam Discovery 6

Aside from these irresistibly brilliant themed spaces, the Atrium of Siam Discovery is equally eye-popping!Siam Discovery 7

The newly revamped atrium of Siam Discovery features a 200-feet wall adorned with 220 frame-shaped boxes displaying products, digital signage and video monitors.Siam Discovery 8

Furthermore, this elongated canyon-like space improves the flow of visitors by drawing customers to the back of the building.Siam Discovery 9

Also, the graduated way of blending the finishes is fantastically impressive. Up to the ceiling down to the floor, it nonetheless creates a relaxing atmosphere.Siam Discovery 10

Who wouldn’t want to shop and live near this place…Siam Discovery 11

If this is your background, I bet you will be taking selfies on each and every store you pass by! Simply astounding and technically splendid!Siam Discovery 12

Wow… the Siam Discovery Shopping Mall in Bangkok is a true gem on its own right! No wonder why prices of properties near the area are ballooning up like crazy! Have you visited the Siam Discovery Mall in Thailand? Tell us your experience in the comments section below…