SINGAPORE – The past couple of days must have been really intense and stressful for employees and employers of Huttons Asia as one of their employees, Ms Soon Kim Choo was at the centre of a social media ‘witch-hunt’.

In dog-lover Jess Yeow’s Facebook post that garnered over 8,000 shares in the short span of two days, she claimed that the owner of a Blue Honda had ran over her dog and yelled the “F” word at volunteers, saying that “it’s just a dog.” They then employed methods to track down her identity through her car-plate number and identified her to be Ms Soon Kim Choo from Huttons Asia real estate marketing agency.

Following the viral post, hundreds of netizens flock onto Huttons Asia’s Facebook page and ranted at the company’s incompetency to “answer on behalf of its employee” and many gave the company a bad review that caused its rating to become 1-star (from the previous 4+) on Wednesday.

After a tormenting two days for Ms Soon Kim Choo and Huttons Asia, it has been revealed that the case might have been an episode of mistaken identity, as two police reports were reportedly lodged – the first was by Ms Soon Kim Choo, denying any involvements in this case, while the other involved another woman calling in to admit to being the driver using the said vehicle at the time of incident.

While both Ms Soon and Huttons Asia may have been hit by two days of bad publicity and false complaints, the company kept a calm head and responded professionally to address netizens.

Huttons Asia is Singapore’s third largest real estate agency, most well-known for their expertise in condo launches.

ERA and PropNex Realty are Singapore’s biggest and second-biggest real estate agencies respectively. These two giants are known for their strong resale teams.

The three agencies have a combined total of over 15,000 licensed real estate agents in Singapore.

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