Eligibility to Buy EC in Singapore

With private properties increasing in prices and public housing units going highly regulated, Executive Condominiums or ECs are considered to be the next big thing in Singapore. This public-private hybrid type of housing is indeed attracting thousands of buyers who wants a private condominium unit at a fraction of its cost.

However, acquiring an EC is not as easy as counting 1-2-3. There are certain EC eligibility conditions that you need to meet first before you become qualified to purchase this sought after housing. To answer some of the most common questions with regards to these eligibility conditions, check out this FAQ EC eligibility Singapore.

General EC Eligibility Requirements

What is the required citizenship status?

The main applicant must be a Singapore Citizen. And the Family Nucleus in the application must have at least one other Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.

What is the required age?

All applicants must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application. For Joint Singles Scheme, both applicants must be at least 35 years of age.

What is family nucleus?

It is a type of family classification that describes the size and structure of a household as defined by the government.

Do I need to form a family nucleus?

Yes, in fact this is a major requirement for you to become eligible to purchase ECs.

What are the types of family nucleus schemes available?

There are 4 types of family nucleus scheme available:

1. Public Scheme – you and your; spouse, children, parents, children under legal custody.

2. Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme – you and your; fiancée or fiancé to be.

3. Orphan Scheme – you and your; unmarried brothers or sisters, another single unrelated orphan.

4. Joint Singles Scheme – you and; another single person.

*Remember that you must form a family nucleus under one of the above mentioned schemes.

Is there a required income ceiling?

Yes, the total monthly household income must not exceed $14,000.

What else do I need to know about these eligibility requirements?

If you own, sell or take part in a private property, another EC unit, HDB flat or DBSS; there are additional eligibility requirements that you need to keep in mind. All of them will be discussed further on this FAQ EC eligibility Singapore.

Multiple Property Ownership

Can I purchase a new EC if I currently own an HDB flat?

Yes, provided that you:

> fulfilled the Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) of your HDB flat which is at least 5 years.

> dispose the HDB flat within 6 months from the date of issuance of the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) of your new EC.

Can I purchase a new EC if I currently own a private property?

Yes, but you must:

> dispose the private property and;

> wait for 30 months (from the date of disposal) before applying for a new EC.

*Note that if you and any other person listed in the EC application have a minority interest on the said private property, you may appeal for “private property rule exemption” by submitting necessary documents to support the plea.  

Why do I need to wait for 30 months?

Executive condominiums are made for Singaporean families who cannot afford to own private housing units. Therefore, this subsidized public-private hybrid housing is bounded by rules and regulations as mandated by the government. To one of which is the fair treatment for those who can afford private properties versus those who needs further assistance on buying affordable yet comfortable homes.

Can I purchase another EC even if I currently own an EC?

Yes, but you need to:

> sell your old EC in the open market and;

> wait for 30 months before submitting a new EC application.

What if I am an ex-owner of an EC?

You need to wait 5 years from the date of taking possession of the earlier EC before applying for a new one. Additionally, there is a 30-month wait out period which is effective from the date of old EC disposal.

I already own a DBSS and HDB flat, am I still eligible to apply for a new EC?

No, each Singaporean household is only allowed to buy a subsidized housing unit twice. It can be or a combination of the following:

1. Flat directly from HDB

2. Resale flat with CPF Housing Grant

3. DBSS flat from developer

4. EC from developer

*If you already own two such apartments, you cannot apply or even be listed as an essential occupier in any EC application.

I have a commercial property under my name, am I still eligible to buy an EC?

Yes, provided that you submit an appeal to HDB. The appeal should include your new EC application and payment of additional processing fees. Though, note that this is still subject to HDB’s approval.

Can I still buy a private property after I bought an EC?

Yes, provided that you meet the Minimum Occupation Period of your EC which is at least 5 years.

Minimum Occupancy Period

How is the Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) computed?

The MOP or Minimum Occupancy Period is computed from the date of taking possession of the flat to the date of application for the new EC. The “Date of Taking Possession” refers to the following:

> Date of key collection – for HDB flats

> Date of resale completion – for resale flats bought from the open market

> Date of transfer at market value – for flats bought with CPF Housing Grant

> Date of key collection – for EC and DBSS flats

I own an EC which is still within the MOP, am I eligible to buy other residential property without completing the MOP?

No, you must first complete the Minimum Occupancy Period of your EC which is at least 5 years.

I own an EC which is still within the MOP, can I buy private commercial or industrial properties?

Yes, you are allowed to buy commercial/industrial properties and prior approval to HDB is NOT needed.


I am a divorcee, am I eligible to buy an EC?

A divorcee may apply or be listed as an essential occupier for an EC after 5 years from the date the divorce was made absolute. Only if the matrimonial flat was:

> Bought directly from HDB

> DBSS bought under the CPF Housing Grant Scheme

> Resale flat bought from the open market under the CPF Housing Grant Scheme

I am a divorcee applying for an EC with my parents, do I still need to wait for 5 years?

No, you do not need to wait for 5 years. Provided that you will apply for an EC with your parents. The 5-year wait period is also waived if you would apply together with your new spouse or if the matrimonial flat was bought from the open market without using any CPF Housing Grant.

I am a divorcee but the decision isn’t final yet, can I apply for a new EC?

No, you can only apply after the divorce has been finalized. You will need the Certificate of Making Interim Judgment Final or Divorce Certificate for a Muslim divorce which is only given after the divorce proceedings has been completed.


I have bought an EC using CPF Housing Grant and then terminated the Sale and Purchase Agreement, can I still apply for a new EC?

Yes, you are still eligible for a new executive condo application provided that a 5-year period has lapsed from the termination of the Sale and Purchase Agreement of the earlier EC.

I am a Singapore Citizen but my partner is currently applying for his/her Singapore Permanent Resident, when can we apply for a new EC?

As soon as your partner receives his/her SPR approval notification letter that has the blue IC number listed, you are now eligible to apply for a new EC.

I want to apply for a new EC but the completion of my MOP is still few months from now. I am afraid that my choice unit will be sold by the time my MOP has been completed, what should I do?

In this case, the decision to accept your booking ahead of the Minimum Occupancy Period solely depends on the developer. They may or may NOT accept it depending on their timeline rules and regulations. It is advised to draft an appeal letter and submit it to the developer, though bear in mind that the final decision will still come from HDB.

Our eldest child will start working soon. Will our child’s estimated salary be included on the total household income computation? Will that disqualify us to purchase a new EC?

Yes, only if your child has been listed as one of the main applicants. But if both of you (parents) are listed as the main applicants, your child’s income would NOT be included on the household income computation.

Our household income exceeded the allowed range, can we still apply for an EC?

This depends on the developer and HDB. It is recommended to submit an appeal letter to the developer, and if approved, the appeal will be forwarded to HDB for final approval. The success rate is high for those who have exceeded less than $500 above the ceiling cap.

These eligibility conditions when buying Executive Condominiums are actually easy to understand. Although there are some exceptions to the rule, these rulings set by the government are pretty firm and straightforward. If you have other questions not listed on this FAQ EC eligibility Singapore, feel free to contact us by submitting your query below.

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