Deemed to be a single bare living space with little to know variations at all, there is a common misconception about the different types of condo in Singapore. For most people when you say condo, you either choose between studio and bedroom units. But this fallacy is far from being true because in reality, condominiums are more than just your average studio units or boring bedroom flats.

Condominiums are classified into three main categories, while there are six different types of condos one can choose from. Depending on the developer, budget, and your lifestyle, knowing the different kinds of condominiums in Singapore is essential to avoid making wrong decisions that could later equate into costly mistakes. Get to know more about these condo types right after the jump.

different types of condo in Singapore

Three Main Categories of Condominiums in Singapore

Mass Market Condos

From the name itself, mass market condos are the most affordable type of condominium. They are located on suburbs but some developments can be found on developing regions such as Bishan, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong and Tampines area. The pricing of mass market condos usually starts at $600 per square foot which makes it perfect for budget conscious buyers. With regards to facilities and amenities, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles one would dream on a modern home but basic ones are offered such as swimming pool, gym, BBQ pits, car park and 24-hour security.

Mid-Market Condos

Compare to mass market condos, mid-market condos offer city-fringe living at a fraction of its cost. They are situated near prime districts of Upper Bukit Timah, Newton, East Coast, and Novena to name a few. When it comes to facilities and amenities, mid-market condos provide more services than mass market condominiums. Most of the time they have a tennis court, sauna, function rooms, and all others. Dubbed as the sandwich condo, they are perfect for young professionals and starting out couples.

High-End Condos

If key location is what you’re looking for in a condo, then high-end developments will surely fancy your desires. High-end condos are situated right at the heart of prime regions such as the Central Business district, Marina Bay, Orchard, Holland, River Valley and Cairnhill. Prices of high-end condo varies depending on the developer but prepare to shell out at least $1000 per square foot. Facilities and amenities are equally stunning. Some of them includes sky gym, private lifts, concierge services, direct link to shopping malls, hotel rooms and premier appliances.

Six Different Types of Condo in Singapore

different types of condo in SingaporeStudio

Having the smallest floor area, a studio-type condominium unit features an open layout design that houses everything from the living room, dining and bedroom. The kitchen and bathroom area are both integrated into the room making the space look cramped but still functional. Studio unit is the most reasonably priced condominium. It is recommended for old people and bachelors who doesn’t really need a huge space.

Bedroom Unitsdifferent types of condo in Singapore

There are different types of condominiums in Singapore but the most popular amongst all are the bedroom condo units. If the flat contains one or more bedroom with full partitions, they are called (X) bedroom units where X stands for the number of bedrooms present within the unit. This type of condo is ideal for families with children and couples living with their parents because they provide enough privacy for the entire family. 1BR up to 4/5BR are the typical configurations of bedroom condo units.

different types of condo in SingaporeLoft

Another type of flat that is getting popular right now are loft-type condo units. If the unit is blessed with high ceilings and elevated bedroom which can be accessed via stairs, it is classified as a loft-type unit. Featuring huge windows and very open living area, lofts do not provide as much privacy as with bedroom units. Lofts are without a doubt beautiful, but they are tricky to cool during summer. Also, the stairs might raise a safety concern to kids and elderlies.


Bi-Leveldifferent types of condo in Singapore

Often confused as a loft, bi-level condo units are actually different than the former flat. They have a similar layout one would normally see on a two-storey house, only they are erected inside a residential building. There are new types of condo in Singapore being introduced to the public and one of them happens to be bi-level which is actually a multi-level type of condo unit. Bi-levels don’t have an open overlooking living area, but instead features a full second floor.

different types of condo in SingaporePenthouse

Located on the uppermost floor of a condo, penthouses are the “King” of all condo units. They are the most expensive type of condo due to exclusivity and larger floor area. Penthouses are presented with deluxe amenities exclusive only to this unit such as private lifts, own swimming pool, loft or X bedroom configuration, spacious balcony, lanai and many more. A penthouse can either be flat-level or multi-level, some can even be customized depending on the buyers’ plan.

Dual-Keydifferent types of condo in Singapore

With the different types of condominiums being offered in Singapore, one particular type of flat is getting much attention to business-conscious residents. Called dual key units, this type of condominium unit is a two self-contained living spaces with two separate entrances. The usual configuration ranges from 2BR + 1 Studio up to 4BR + 1 Studio. Most people buy dual-key flats to rent out the extra unit thus earning a passive income out of it.

Indeed, there are different types of condo in Singapore. Depending on your lifestyle, needs, budget and wants, you can go practical yet modern with loft-type units or splurge on a penthouse to enjoy exclusivity at its finest. For those living with kids and relatives, a bedroom unit or dual-key flat might fancy your desires.

To avoid disappointments and to make that huge financial investment of yours truly worth it, remember to choose the most appropriate condo unit type based on your personal requirements. After all, you will be paying for this half of your life and you’ll want to enjoy going home every day fully satisfied with your decision.