Bamboo – like a true wood, is one of the most widely used construction material in Asia. Quite unlike the new condos in Singapore!

With its high strength and amazing flexibility, bamboos are often utilized to create furniture, scaffolding, assembly material and even homes. Although inexpensive and extremely popular, many people see bamboo as a “poor man’s wood”. Especially houses made entirely from bamboo, they are often referred to as something cheap and shabby.

But when you see this bamboo village Indonesia, your perception about this material will definitely change! Also called the “Green Village”, this eco-friendly community in Bali is made entirely from bamboo! Yes, all homes built inside the place are 98% made from bamboo. And they don’t look trashy neither substandard, in fact these bamboo homes are so grandiose they will absolutely blow your mind! Wait till you see the jaw-dropping Sharma Springs!

Bamboo Village Indonesia: An Architectural Gem

Ibuku – a team of builders and designers, is the brainchild behind Green Village.

bamboo village Indonesia - feature

They are passionate about bamboo and use of local Balinese craftsmen. Furthermore, Ibuku aims to develop a balance between ancient and new ideas by using natural materials.

Green Village is a community of ecological houses located along Ayung River, the longest river on the Island of Bali in Indonesia.

Instead of building luxury villas, the team decided to create a collection of unique structures that looks more like treehouses and pirate ships.

But what makes Green Village unique is that all materials used on the construction of these nature-friendly villas are actually 98% bamboo!

Featuring huge bamboo poles, wonderfully designed kitchen, multi-level floors and few walls, the bamboo village Indonesia compliments the lush greeneries of the jungle.

According to Macarena Chiriboga, one of the architects working with the team, luxury isn’t all about fancy home appliances and modern technology. But rather being in contact with nature – the feeling of wind blowing through your home. Additionally, she said that people should realize what sustainable living is all about, and for them to experience a whole different lifestyle.

The bamboo village Indonesia sits on 7.5 acres of land. And the team aims to build three dozens of bamboo homes to ultimately complete the Village.

Several bamboo villas have already been completed while 5 of them has already been sold to buyers. Four more villas are under negotiation & few more are expected to be finished within the coming months.

From flooring to roofs, banisters & furniture, everything is made entirely from bamboo. They are specially treated to protect them against insects & humidity, and to make them durable yet bendable.

Each bamboo home is unique because every villa is fitted specifically following the plot of land. There’s no need to demolish the surroundings, since the structure directly rest on poles anchored by rocks.

Can you believe that everything in this village is made from what others referred to as poor man’s wood? Wow… just look at the spectacular architecture of the bamboo village Indonesia! Who would have thought that the humble bamboo can be made into something luxurious and extraordinary? This is really inspiring.

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