Ultimate Leads Program™ 2019 for Agents

Get Buyer Leads for Your Project. Guaranteed.

If you want to easily close project sales in 2019 without having ANY clients or leads now, or without doing ANY prospecting work at all – read on to see how many of our clients did it before.

And here’s how you can do the same thing – by taking action now ahead of other agents, even before 2019 arrives!

How It Works

Just 3 Simple Steps To Closing More Sales.

1. Choose Project

Choose the project you want to get leads for.

2. Get Real-time Leads

We’ll market your project using Facebook and Google ads. Leads will start streaming in!

3. Serve and Close!

All there’s left to do is to serve the leads well and CLOSE THEM!

Why Ultimate Leads Program™?

Here’s Why Our Program Beats Running Your Own Ads Or Throwing Flyers.

Save Money - Make Every Dollar Count!

Stop wasting money on bad campaigns or offline marketing that don’t bring results! You save tons of marketing spend with our program – and we even have a results guarantee!

Save Time - 100% Hands-Free!

We take care of the entire marketing process for you – campaign research, write-up, design and setup – so all you need to do is serve the clients and SELL!

Get More Leads - Guaranteed!

Our team has a track record of generating thousands of leads and multi-million dollars in real estate transactions. Tap our vast experience to get more leads and sales for yourself! We even guarantee you results!

Our Clients Are Top Producers

“Thanks to the lead generation and e-mail blast services, I have increased both my direct sales and cobroke sales significantly. PropertyAsiaDirect gives me the leads and all I have to do is serve.”


Marketing Director, Huttons

Trusted by Some of the Biggest Agencies

Real-Time Enquiries In Your Inbox

Get leads for your project directly into your email & SMS on a real-time basis

Powerfully Designed To Help You Close More

Our Best-in-the-Industry Features Improve Your Chances of Closing More Sales.

Dual Emphasis on Facebook & Google Ads

Our campaigns are spread across Facebook and Google, so you get more exposure and higher quality leads.

Real-time Leads Notification

You get your leads on a real-time basis by SMS, so you get to follow up on your leads as soon as you get them.

Real-time Google Sheets Integration (NEW!)

You get a bird-eye’s view of your campaign and leads on a real-time basis, where you may update the status of your follow-ups.


Instant Auto-Reply

All incoming leads get an instant update on what to expect, which keeps them warm until you follow up with them.

Automated Appointment Booking* (NEW!)

All your leads get to book an appointment with you online, so all you need to do is to show up!

100% Done-for-You Solution

Our program is a 100% done-for-you solution, so you can fully focus on your clients instead of worrying about marketing.

*Only for already launched projects.

Get Leads Or Your Money Back

If we don’t deliver, we don’t deserve to get paid! Our subscription plans come with a lead guarantee. If we don’t hit the minimum number of leads as promised, we’ll refund you a prorated amount of the fees you paid. Check out our FAQ for more details.

Join Us Now – Be the Next Top Producer !

The Program is Now CLOSED.

Other Questions You Might Have

What happens if more than one agent signs up for a project?

We typically restrict each project to no more than 4 agents, subject to our discretion. Sign-ups are based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

When does my plan start?

This program will run from 1 Jan 2019 – 28 Feb 2019. So expect your campaign to launch on 1 Jan 2019. Don’t worry – once you are subscribed, more details will be sent to you. If you require your plan to start earlier or later, please do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate if possible.

Do you have a cheaper plan?

Unfortunately we don’t. You could share a subscription with a teammate if you wish. (Note: you can forward leads to up to 2 agents without any additional charge. Both agents will get the same leads.)

Can I switch projects after I sign up?

Unfortunately you can’t switch projects after you sign up, as we get down to work on your campaign right after that.

Can you guarantee that I close deals?

No, while we can bring leads to agents, it’s up to them to follow up and close.

Can I get my entire team on board the campaign?

Yes you can! We have a team package and we can dispatch leads on a rotational basis so that each lead only goes to one agent in your team, on a round robin basis. If you have special requirements, you may also email us at [email protected].

Is there any qualifying criteria to be accepted into the program?

To be accepted into the program, you must be a CEA registered real estate salesperson.

I already know how to do Facebook ads. Why should I join this program?

Some of our agents have done their own Facebook ads before. But they still find our program valuable. Firstly, we do a much better job of getting qualified leads, with a lead guarantee. Secondly, our agents have an unfair advantage over their competitors as they can focus their attention on serving their clients really well, instead of having to deal with the campaign nitty-gritty. Thirdly, we have included a lot of features that give you that extra edge so you have no reason NOT to close!

Where do the leads come from?

We set up advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Google, targeting prospects that are most likely to have an interest in your project/s. When a prospect expresses his/her interest in your project/s by filling up the online form, his/her contact details will be sent to you.

What contact details do I get for each lead?

You get the following information for each lead:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Additionally, you may also get extra information like preferred unit types, depending on the project.

How do we know if they are quality leads?

We try our best to get quality leads, but it is obviously not fool-proof. There will be some leads that are not so genuine or qualified to buy. Don’t be affected by these leads – focus on attention on the good ones instead. You just need at least one sale to make many times your investment!

How do we define a lead?

All the leads are UNFILTERED, i.e. anybody who registers his/her interest will be forwarded directly to you. This also means that in some cases, the leads may not be responsive, or be genuinely interested, or may be a competitor agent, etc. This is unavoidable for ANY marketing channel – whether online or offline. We count all leads towards the lead guarantee, EXCEPT invalid leads – see below.

What are considered invalid leads?

Invalid leads do NOT count towards your lead tally. Currently only these 3 types of leads are considered invalid:

  1. Invalid/not-in-use number (invalid number/not-in-use tone)
  2. Wrong number (person on the line does not bear the same name)
  3. Competitor agent’s number (based on CEA register)

Leads that are not responsive, no longer keen for any reason, not eligible to buy, not enough money to buy, etc. – these do NOT fall under invalid leads. If you get an invalid lead, simply report to us within 48 hours of getting the lead and it will NOT count towards the lead guarantee.

What if I don't get the leads as promised?

If we don’t manage to hit the minimum number of leads promised, we’ll refund you a prorated amount of the subscription fee you paid. For example, if the minimum number of leads is 50, but you got only 40 leads, we will refund you 20% of the total fee you paid.

Can I use my own Facebook page or ad manager?

We prefer to start a brand new Facebook page for each project. We also use our own Facebook ads manager and Google ads account. Unfortunately we can’t use your accounts as it becomes an administrative hassle for us due to the many agents we are serving.

Do I get to see my campaign before it launches?

Yes, we will send you a snapshot of your campaign – both Facebook and Google ads – before it launches. If you have any feedback on them, you are welcome to let us know.

More Questions?

Email us: [email protected]

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