Project Marketing Plans – July 2019

We help agents get buyers for any project in 2019

For the past 4 years, we are focused on helping agents like yourself get more leads and sales. We craft and setup entire online campaigns. You can usually start getting leads within 3 days of signing up – don’t lose buyers to your competitors!

Looking Hard for Buyers?

Why Not Let BUYERS Look for YOU Instead?

“Thanks to the lead generation and e-mail blast services, I have increased both my direct sales and cobroke sales significantly. PropertyAsiaDirect gives me the leads and all I have to do is serve.”


Associate Division Director, Huttons

Choose a Plan for Your Project

Plan A – NEW!

Facebook Ads Campaign (Monthly)


  • Facebook ad campaign setup (worth $500)
  • Campaign research, copy and design (worth $1,000)
  • Campaign management and optimisation (worth $1,000)
  • Real-time email & SMS notifications (worth $50)
  • Instant SMS auto-reply (worth $50)
  • Google sheets integration (worth $50)

Total Campaign Value: $2,650

$1,500 $480 monthly

Offer valid till 31st Jul 2019.

Price EXCLUDES Ad Spend.
No Minimum Commitment Period!

Plan B – NEW!

Google Ads/PPC Campaign (Monthly)


  • Optimised landing page design and setup on (worth $1,000)
  • Content research and write-up (worth $500)
  • Google ads setup and management for 1 month (worth $1,000)

Total Campaign Value: $2,500

$1,200 $380 monthly

Offer valid till 31st Jul 2019.

Price EXCLUDES Ad Spend.
No Minimum Commitment Period!

Looking for Something Else?

Customised Solutions

We do other things including:

  • Personal project website
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Personal Facebook ads campaign
  • Personal Google ads/PPC campaign
  • and others based on your requirements… Ask us!

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Questions About the Plans?

Don’t be shy. We’re here to help you succeed.


For the Google Ads/PPC plan, do I get my own landing page?

Your Google ads campaign will be based on a landing page housed within PropertyAsiaDirect. You don’t get your own landing page per se, but you’ll get all the leads that sign up from that page.

When does my campaign start?

Both the Facebook and Google ad campaigns usually start about 3 working days from your sign up date. If you prefer to start later, simply let us know after sign up.

What contact details do I get for each lead?

You get the following information for each lead: Name, phone number and email address (optional). Additionally, you may also get extra information like preferred unit types, depending on the project.

How many agents can I forward the leads to?

For email notifications, there is no limit on the number of agents. For SMS notifications, there is a limit of 2 agent numbers. To add more agent numbers, there will be a small additional fee to cover the costs of SMS.

Can I get my entire team onboard?

Yes you can! We can customise a plan for your team and can even dispatch leads on a rotational basis. Drop us an email at

I already know Facebook ads. Why should I sign up?

Many of our agents were already doing their own Facebook ads, but they still find our program valuable. First, our campaigns generally perform better than your own. Second, instead of spending too much time figuring it out, you can fully focus on clients and closing them. Third, we have extra features that give you that edge over other agents.

How much ad spend is required?

Ad spend depends on your budget and goals. Typically we recommend at least $500/month for either Facebook or Google ads. After you sign up, we will arrange with you to fund the ad spend.

What do I need to get started?

All you need to do is to sign up! We will take care of everything else. You will get more information on your campaign right after signing up.

Can I use my own Facebook page or ad manager?

We typically use a brand new Facebook page and our own Facebook ads manager. This is to make things more efficient for our agents. Also our ads manager contains more data that would be useful for your campaign. However, if you still prefer to use your own Facebook page or ad manager, simply let us know and we can do it.

Can I use my own Google ads account?

We typically use our own Google ads account, otherwise we will be managing too many accounts, making it error prone. The turnaround time is also much faster, compared to using agents’ accounts.  However, if you still prefer to use your own ad account, let us know before you sign up.

We answer 24/7 and usually within 15 minutes. Our goal is to support you and your business and see you close more client deals.

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