Each and every one of us dreams of owning a spacious a home. We often visualize a huge garden, open garage, grandiose foyer, stunning living room, several baths and countless bedrooms. But with increasing property prices and decreasing land options, how can we make this vivid dream possible? Well, if you live in Japan this shouldn’t be much of a concern.

Called “kyoushou juutaku” or tiny homes, these cramped living spaces in Japan are now becoming a huge hit to many city dwellers. At first they look outrageously small and weirdly confined but Japanese has found its way to make them look architecturally sophisticated whilst being environmentally friendly. These micro homes in Japan will really make you say what and wow! Wait for #7 because it’ll definitely blow your mind!

8 Micro Homes in Japan That Redefines Living Spaces

Hori No Uchi House – Tokyo

Built on a 55 sq.m triangular-like plot of land, this house tapers at one end making it look amusingly funny. The building itself takes only 27.9 sq.m of space but comes complete with kitchen & sleeping area.micro homes in Japan - hori no uchi

Nada House – Hyogo

Tall & very slim, this multi-level single family home only measures 37 sq.m. Vertically oriented to expand space, the Nada House designed by Fujiwaramuro Architects maximize every inch of space available.micro homes in Japan - nada house

The Garden House – Tokyo

Right in the heart of Tokyo is a verdant sanctuary designed by Ryue Nishizawa. Featuring glass on every floor with lush greeneries on the front, this 4-story Garden House embodies what modern Zen design is.micro homes in Japan - garden house

Split Merchant’s House – Tokyo

Called 63.02, this home features an unusual face & angle. Following a very shallow plot of land, architects Nagasaka & Ono managed to make it one of the most amazing minimalist micro homes in Japan.micro homes in Japan - 63.02

Near House – Tokyo

Making use of the L-shaped land, the Near House is made up of two separate buildings. The very narrow “gate house” at the front and the larger “main house” at the back, both separated by a small garden.micro homes in Japan - near house

Moriyama House – Tokyo

With a building area of 41 sq.m, the Moriyama House looks like a shipping container from the outside. But inside lies a series of glass boxes, rock garden and chic kitchen that makes it a modern work of art.micro homes in Japan - moriyama house

Showa-cho House – Osaka

Next on these micro homes in Japan is this modern home with ten-feet wide clearance. The open floor layout, interconnected levels and use of glass façade makes it not just livable but impressively fantastic.micro homes in Japan - showa-cho house

House with Big Gap – Tokyo

Even though they only got 30 sq.m of space, this home rocks in terms of concept. They managed to build a giant split that runs across inside that invites natural light and proper ventilation into the building.micro homes in Japan - house with big gap

Out of financial necessity and use of what is technically available, these micro homes in Japan proves that small and narrow spaces are not useless. With intelligent planning and right construction, they can look absolutely stylish and highly usable.

Out of land and budget? Take these micro homes in Japan as an inspiration! The Garden House is my ultimate bet…, what’s yours?