According to data from 2013, more HBD buyers and sellers are becoming more independent from property agents services. Choosing the DIY route could mean less expense for anyone. However, not all Singaporeans are ready to do all of the work by themselves. If someone would like to be frugal by removing property agents from the budget, there are plenty of things to consider. Here are five reasons that you need to consider.

Here are five reasons why property agents are worth keeping:

Knowing the property and knowing about the property are two different things


General knowledge or going through a list of specification in a website or hard copy does not reveal the critical facts. It will not tell you whether the window allows the sun to roast all your living room stuff. You also may not be aware of how creepy and problematic your would-be next door neighbors are. There are justifications as to why a unit is $50,000 higher or cheaper than the other.

This is where a property agent could be very useful if you’re not a veteran investor. Find time to drop by the property and conduct thorough inspection. If you cannot check all these boxes, you would be better off with an agent.

Staging houses is another advantage of having a property agent

Track lighting and white paint may add a classy look to the unit, thus adding more on its selling price. Although it seemed to be an easy task, not everyone knows about the complex principles behind Fittings, Furnishing and Equipment (FF&E). Most property agents, who may not be experts when it comes to interior design hold enough basic knowledge that can be of use.

Property agents will be there throughout your tenancy

Tenants desperately need the assistance of an agent in many scenarios. They can provide help in disputes, legal advice and other recommendations especially in cases of property damages. Remember that not all problems in renting and occur at the start. Life may be smooth-sailing at the beginning but as soon as unwanted issues hover at your space, you will long to have an agent by your side to help.

You are prone to have financial disasters for subtle paperwork mistakes


Both sellers and buyers are prone to suffer from financial tragedies by overlooking a delicate detail. Change of mind and or bounced checks represent a few ‘epic fail’ scenarios of property sellers for the decision to let go of their property agents. On the other hand, lone buyers are on the brink of paying a non-refundable Option to Purchase only to find out later on that the bank is not giving them a sufficient loan to buy a property.

The need for an agent does not end with picking a specific unit

private-homes-salesDoing some research and being decisive sure finishes with a lot work. But when it comes to purchasing a property, agents would still be of tremendous help in choosing a unit. A property agent can streamline your search depending on the needs, budget and/or interest. He can also reach out to the landlords or sellers in your place. Most of the time, hiring a property agent to absorb the hassles including the paperwork is worth the price you pay.