It is a known fact that Asia is one of the largest and most populous continents in the world. With its population and businesses constantly on the rise, Asia needs to find ways on how to deal with these economic elements. The solution? Build towers and skyscrapers. But not just ordinary structures, instead unique buildings in Asia that will make you say what and wow!

Experimental, innovative, exceptional, very out of this world and truly fascinating – these 15 oddly unique buildings in Asia are way beyond the “normal” high-rise buildings. Wait till you see the CCTV building in China and tell me who would dare occupy the top corner space!

Unique Buildings in Asia That Will Blow Your Mind!

1. Flower Dome – Singapore

Located in Marina Bay, Singapore, the Flower Dome is the largest columnless glasshouse in the world. The building is the home to some of the most exceptional plants found in the Mediterranean and tropical regions.Unique buildings in Asia - Singapore

2. Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center – Kazakhstan

With its neo-futuristic style, this giant tent-shaped transparent structure in Astana, Kazakhstan is beyond magnificent. Inside you will find various entertainment options from upscale shopping boutiques to a relaxing indoor beach resort.Unique buildings in Asia - Kazakhstan

3. The Lotus Building – China

Featuring three stages of lotus development, the Lotus Building in Wujin, China is such a sight to behold. This cultural and civic landmark has exhibition halls, meeting rooms, conference centers and is the home to the city’s planning bureau.Unique buildings in Asia - China 1

4. National Center for the Performing Arts – China

Another oddly-shaped building in Asia is found in China, the National Center for the Performing Arts. Right at the heart of Beijing, this ellipsoid dome structure appears to be an egg floating on water. It is surrounded by an artificial lake and is made from titanium and glass.Unique buildings in Asia - China 2

5. Fuji TV Building – Japan

This futuristic metallic building is the main headquarters of Fuji TV in Japan. What makes it super unique is the huge silver ball on top that measures 32 meters high and weighs around 1,200 tons.Unique buildings in Asia - Japan 1

6. Fang Yuan Building – China

Inspired by an ancient Chinese coin, the Fang Yuan Building in Shenyang China features a golden circular design with square cutouts in the middle. Although this building looks unique, it was named one of the ugliest buildings in the world by CNN.Unique buildings in Asia - China 3

7. Elephant Building – Thailand

Elephants are famous not just on the streets of Thailand but on building designs as well. Also known as the Chang Building, this structure located in Bangkok measures 335 feet high with 32 serving floors.Unique buildings in Asia - Thailand

8. Phoenix International Media Center – China

Designed by architect Wang Shu, the Phoenix International Media Center in Chaoyang Park, Beijing, China exhibits what modern architectural design is. The building’s unique form was inspired from the shape of Mobius Strip.Unique buildings in Asia - China 4

9. Solar Ark – Japan

The Solar Ark building in Gifu, Japan is not an actual building but a power generation facility made exclusively for Sanyo Electric Company. The structure was completed in 2002 and is now a museum of solar energy.Unique buildings in Asia - Japan 2

10. Ryugyong Hotel – North Korea

Continuing on these unique buildings in Asia is the Ryugyong Hotel located in Pyongyang, Korea. This pyramid-shaped tower is the tallest building in North Korea measuring at 330 meters high with 105 floors.Unique buildings in Asia - Korea

11. Guangzhou Circle – China

Dubbed as the tallest circular building in the world measuring at 138 meters, the Guangzhou Circle boost a distinctive and exceptionally beautiful design. Located in Guangzhou, China, the central part of the building is hollowed out making the golden structure resemble to a real coin.Unique buildings in Asia - China 5

12. Sanzhi UFO Houses – Taiwan

In Sanzhi District of New Taipei City, Taiwan, the Sanzhi UFO houses or also known as Sanzhi Pods are without a doubt unique on its own. These colorful buildings look like UFOs but were abandoned and demolished in 2010.Unique buildings in Asia - Taiwan

13. CCTV Headquarters – China

This 44-story skyscraper in Beijing, China is making heads to passersby with its distinctive architectural design. Having a huge 473,000 sq. m floor space, the CCTV Headquarters is made from six horizontal and vertical sections giving the structure an irregular but highly creative façade.Unique buildings in Asia - China 6

14. Lotus Temple – India

In New Delhi, India there is a one-of-a-kind Baha’i House of Worship called the Lotus Temple. Comprising of 27 free standing marble clad petals arranged in clusters, this building replicates the beauty of lotus plant.Unique buildings in Asia - India

15. Ring of Life – China

Finally on these unique buildings in Asia is the Ring of Life situated in Fushun, China. To achieve its iconic “circular” centerpiece, this 515-foot stunner is made from 3,000 tons of steel costing to about $16M USD.Unique buildings in Asia - China 7

Can you believe that aside from marvelous temples, there are beautiful and fascinatingly unique buildings in Asia? I love to have an office on the Ring of Life Building and live on the Ryugyong Hotel in Korea! What’s your favorite on these unique buildings in Asia?