The #1 Lead Generation Solution for Project Agents

Get HIGHLY TARGETED leads on new launches directly into your inbox.

Save MONEY and save TIME by leveraging on the best new launch platform in the market.

FULLY AUTOMATE your marketing process without ANY knowledge of digital marketing.

How It Works

3 Simple Steps to Close More New Launches

1. Choose Project/s

Select the project/s that you want target leads from. These should be projects you have been or will be actively selling.

2. Get Leads in Inbox

Our digital marketing team will help you market your chosen project/s using Facebook. Leads will start streaming into your inbox!

3. Serve and Close!

Once you start getting bombarded by an onslaught of motivated buyers looking to buy your project/s, all there’s left to do is to serve them well and CLOSE!

How You Can Benefit

  • Generate more leads & sales – easily be a TOP PRODUCER!
  • Fully automate your lead generation so you can FOCUS 100% on sales.
  • Tap on the expertise of our digital marketing team so you DON’T WASTE TIME “trying to figure it out”.
  • No more spending precious time door knocking, flyer distributing, building websites, etc.
  • SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on building websites and invest them on getting real leads instead.
  • Be able to scale your real estate business quickly by BUILDING A TEAM powered by our lead generation machine.

Trusted by Agents from Some of the Biggest Agencies

Did You Know?

Top project agents spend up to $20,000+ per month on marketing. They treat marketing as an investment, not an expense. With digital marketing, it is easy to measure the Return on Investment (ROI), i.e. for every $1 you spend, you get back $X. The ROI for digital marketing in property sales is almost always attractive in the long run, provided you do it correctly.

Using PropertyAsiaDirect’s automated lead generation is way more affordable and effective compared to my past marketing efforts. I would never have imagined serving over 100 potential clients in just a few months.

Marketing Director & Top Producer, Huttons Asia (KLG)

Limited to ONLY 2 Agents Per Project*

To preserve the quality of the leads, the Ultimate Facebook Leads™ is limited to only 2 agents per project. If you are marketing a popular project, please sign up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Thanks to the lead generation services by PropertyAsiaDirect, I no longer need to worry about lack of buyers. In fact, now I have the opposite problem – too many buyers to serve and follow up with!

Associate Marketing Director & Top Producer, Propnex Realty (PN)

Real-Time Leads

We know timing is critical, so we use a real-time dispatching system that will notify you as soon as the prospective buyer signs up.


1 Month Campaign
  • 1-month commitment
  • Choose ANY ONE project
  • Total est’d 20-40 leads*
  • Inclusive of $700 ad credits
  • Facebook ad campaign setup
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Real-time lead system

* Estimated number of leads are based on historical results of typical projects. Actual results are not guaranteed and may vary depending on factors like timing, project attributes, pricing, competition, etc.

Other Questions You Might Have

What happens if more than one agent signs up for a project?

We will restrict most projects to only 2 agents. Sign-ups are based on a first-come-first-service basis. However, if a project has a deep market, we may open it up to more agents at our discretion.

Do you offer any lead guarantee?

While we do provide an estimated number of leads you are likely to get, based on historical results, you may possibly get more or less than that. As such, we do not offer any guarantees on the number of leads you get. While we try to achieve the target number of leads, but more importantly, we optimise our campaigns to get as many quality leads as we can so that you have the highest chance of closing deals.

Can you guarantee that I close deals?

While we can bring you the leads, the following-up and closing will be up to the agent and not within our control or influence. You still need some following up and selling skills to close deals – the money doesn’t just drop on your lap (usually).

Is there any qualifying criteria to be accepted into the program?

To be accepted into the program, you must be a CEA registered real estate salesperson.

Can I cancel my subscription halfway?

No, once you subscribe to a plan, you are not allowed to cancel it. So please be sure to make up your mind before you sign up.

Does the subscription fee include Facebook ad credits?

Yes, the subscription fees are an all-in investment and are inclusive of Facebook ad credits which take up to 70% of the subscription fees.

When do the plans start and end?

All the plans start as soon as the campaigns are set up, typically within one week of subscription. The plans then run for the next 3 consecutive months. Do inform us by email if you wish to start the plans later instead.

Where do the leads generated come from? How do we know if they are quality leads?

All the leads come from Facebook ads and posts. Our leads are targeted leads that have expressed interest in a specific project, it is difficult not to close anything out of these leads. However, do note that not all the leads will be qualified. But there will be qualified ones – and as long as you close them, they would pay for your investment many times over.

How do you define a lead?

A “lead” is basically a prospective client who has at least some interest in the project/s you are marketing and is willing to leave his/her contact details to find out more details or to make a viewing appointment. All the leads are unfiltered, i.e. anybody who registers his/her interest will be forwarded directly to you. This also means that in some cases, the leads may not be genuinely interested, or may be a competitor agent, etc. This is unavoidable for any lead generation method, so you just need to manually filter them out and focus your time on the closable leads.

Are the plans expensive?

No. Pay-per-click ads like Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads, etc. do not come cheap. E-mail marketing, telemarketing and flyer distribution are also marketing expenses. In fact, it would be far more costly if you were to do these yourself, incurring not just money but time as well. Our advantage lies in our economies of scale, as we help many other agents like you at the same time – and we pass these cost savings to you. Our packages typically send you many many leads – it is difficult not to close any deal. Even one closed deal would have easily covered your costs many times over.

But I do not have enough money!

You could share the package with your teammates to reduce the initial investment outlay. With possibly hundreds of leads, you can really get very busy.

How easy or hard is it to close new project deals?

Many agents are continuing to close project deals, with 5-6 digit commissions. It is a numbers’ game – with so many leads, it’s hard not to close a single deal. Remember, every lead you get wants to buy something – it’s just a matter of when and where – and whether you are there for them when they are ready to buy!


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